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Questions and Answers


Location and Travel


I’m based in Allentown, PA, but I love traveling and I am always down for any kind of adventure -- crazy elopements are my fave.


Travel is what started my career and continues to be an area of inspiration for my work. About 80% of my work is travel work. Getting my feet on new soil, does an incredible thing for my spirit and images. I’ll travel for pretty much any type of work. Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of shooting work in the Paris, Mexico, Arizona, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, Washington, and Virginia. I generally need a flight, accommodation and a rental car. If you want me in your town, its pretty likely I’d love to make it happen.

What are your prices? Do you offer discounts?


Fill out a contact form, and we’ll talk numbers...Also please check out my pricing page for more detailed information. Prices vary with each package. I also offer great deals like 5% off for active duty military, police officers, and first responders on engagement sessions.  fall family mini-shoots and senior photos are on special as well. Keep your eye on the blog for details.

How do we receive our photos? Can we order prints from you?


You will receive a link to an online gallery via which you can view and download all edited photos from the shoot within approximately 6-8 weeks. Upon receiving your pictures electronically, you have full printing rights to use whatever vendor you choose. I can also offer suggestions on printing vendors.

How do we book a session with you?


Fill out a contact form, and we’ll schedule a time and date that works best for you. Non-wedding sessions do not require a contract. However, if you are interested in booking your wedding with me, we’ll schedule a phone or in-person consultation followed by a contract signing.

What is your payment policy?


I maintain payment upon time of session. I accept cash or check for the payment in full. For weddings, I require a 50% of the total value as a reservation fee at time of contract signing and will accept the balance on the day before the date of the event. 

Can we edit your images for personal or professional use, i.e social media?


I require that you refrain from further editing of the images. However, you are encouraged to use them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs etc. After all, what are pictures for if not to share them with others. In fact, if you love the product, share away and please, tag, link or hashtag me!

What If It Rains/We Get Sick/You Get Sick/ETC?


I am more than happy to discuss the possibility of rescheduling due to conflicts…since I photograph newborns and work in healthcare, it is imperative that I avoid possible exposure to illnesses, which is why it is always best to reschedule if there is an illness.  

What If My Kid Does Not Behave?


Don't worry about your kids behavior during a session.  A worried parent makes for an anxious child.  Trust me, I have seen it all and when I say that what appears to be chaos in the moment, typically produces the most beautifully genuine images.  Happy children, unaware of being photographed often end up as the most charismatic, charming, and precious models one could find.

How do i pose and what if I look awkward in pictures?


Join the club honey...that is the story of my life. I think most people who see my images think, “oh god, everyone she shoots is a model!” Which is sometimes true (I just have incredible clients and gorgeous friends) but mostly this is due to being really comfortable with me while we’re shooting. You just cannot help it, I promise. I talk a ton, I tell you exactly what I want and I know what I want…which is super important. I will get you moving and talking and laughing. I just want people to be themselves on a shoot, trust me, and have a fantastic time.  Some of the best images have come during the professing of a hidden love, or the anecdotal recounting of a recent failed date!

Do you shoot full-day wedding coverage?


WHY YES!  Check out my all-inclusive package for more details. So when I come, I will be there for the full day. That doesn’t mean 24 hours, but it means that I always aim to get the full story of your magical day. Allowing things to unfold organically, searching out memorable moments, while simultaneously allowing things to happen across my lens is what makes each wedding beautiful and unique.

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