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Dionisio & Sienna

Sienna and Dionisio met in the second grade and began "officially" dating on August 8th, 2009. Although the high school years separated them, they spent almost every weekend together going to football games, dance recitals, church, college visits, dates, and more. Four years of high-school transformed their juvenile relationship into a deep friendship founded on God.

While long-distance challenged them through the college years, it provided many opportunities for learning life lessons in preparation for the possibility of marriage ahead. In Sienna's words, "we heard countless times that their story is "unheard of"...two imperfect people who started dating at 13 years old, had no clue what they were doing, who never broke up for 8 years? Nah, impossible."

With God on their side, and much to Sienna's surprise, D took her to her favorite spot on the beach the evening of her 21st birthday, and it was there that he proposed after reading her a beautiful letter during sunset at the end of the island.

Their wedding day was just the culmination of an 8 year dating relationship, but only the beginning chapter of a much more beautiful love story about to unfold. The smiles, tears, laughter, prayers, inside jokes, surprise musical appearances, and army of family and friends that came out to celebrate in and help make their day so special is a testament to the power these two individuals have to change the world around them. God gave you each other for a reason. I am blessed to call you friends and it was an honor to share in such a beautiful day. xoxo.

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