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Call me Katie.  I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Although originally a Neuroscientist that dabbled in Women's Studies, my current academic home is that of Clinical Psychology.

My lifelong academic pursuits are much like my artistic ones — to connect with people.  Academically, I do this by understanding their minds and getting to the heart of their spirit and drive; artistically, I do this by capturing their story  and heart behind the photographic lens — creating moments to be forever cherished.

I love to bake, create my own recipes, and whip up some secret ones that have been handed down to me by my grandmother who had an incredible talent in the kitchen.  Pies are my specialty.  I have always loved baking them because the pie crusts are, in some ways, a form of sculpture and art to be molded and shaped.  I also love to get outside — backpacking, yoga, skiing, rock-climbing, kayaking, swimming, and running all keep me busy in my *cough cough* spare time.  I believe that music is an incredible outlet for the soul.  Although no longer pursuing a career in the music field, I am still a professional harpist and continue to perform benefit concerts from time to time or just practice on my own.  ​

My clients are more than just clients.  That are lifelong friends.  They are people that want to make a new adventure buddy, that want to spend ten minutes on a segway swapping dog mom pics of their furry children, or stop the car to frolic in a field of wildflowers.  They’re people that know that a photograph only begins to capture what it really feels like to sit on top of a mountain and breathe in the sunset with your whole body.  They’re people that like wine, but love tacos.  If that sounds like you, then keep reading.

I have a yellow lab puppy named Daisy Mae.  She is currently training to compete in Retriever Field Trials — a long distance endurance sport for retrievers involving land and water game retrieves.  She’s pretty badass.  I’m 23 years old and am married to the most wonderful man.  He is currently a First Lieutenant in the United States Army and we are stationed in North Carolina.  He loves me like Jesus and teaches me each and every day what it means to selflessly serve our little fam.

I am a bit of a hopeful romantic -- hopeless in the sense that I am beyond hope of changing, but hopeful in the fact that I stand firm in my belief that people are good, that God can change hearts, motivations, desires, and actions, and that there is a plan that we do not and cannot understand.  I am a romantic, but with time I have realized that this is not a weakness, but a strength.  It does mean that I get hurt more than I would prefer, but it is just the lens through which I see the world....whether it is rosy through my glasses or not, I won't be the person to take them off. 


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Katie is AMAZING! I'm so thankful I found her! She made us feel so comfortable. Katie's work is so beautiful and full of passion. She is SO talented! I look at her work and I see more than just a photo. I can feel the emotions and the love between us. I said from the beginning that I didn't want to feel obligated to take engagement pictures that felt posed and awkward. These pictures speak to me! I literally cannot wait to hang them on my walls! Thank you SO much! I can't wait for you to capture more of our life...oh, and thank you for braving the cold and wind-- sure made for some amazing photos!!!

Katie is incredible! I was truly in awe of the photos that she was able to capture from our wedding day. Within 12 hours of the wedding, she hadn't slept so that she could send me some sneak peak photos of our day. I must have looked through those same five photos 20 times during my flight the next day. I am still amazed how she truly captured our moment in those photos; she has so much talent and vision for the photographs. The energy that she brings and the effort that she puts into making your day unforgettable is unlike everyone I've ever met. From bustling up my dress twice in the middle of the reception to giving me her sweater between photos in the snow to warm up, she truly is so much more than a photographer. She helped make our wedding day so special, and I know that the photos that she captured will be ones that we cherish for many years to come.

Katie is absolutely amazing. I feel so lucky to have found her. She captured everything soooo beautifully. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better photography for my low-key, ((slightly)) adventurous wedding and engagement sessions! She did so much for me that day— coordinating my first look with my soon to be husband, helping me put on my faux eyelashes 😂, talking with me and making me feel special (and much more!). And also— Katie, I hope your wedding day is just as special as you are! 💕 thank you so much!

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