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Exploring the Unknown: A Series

I have always been intrigued by the unknown.  This interest comes from a desire for understanding that has evolved into an insatiable intellectual curiosity which has now become woven into the fabric of my life; it effects everything I do and desire to accomplish.  It has shaped my choice of major and how I fill my free time.  

People have been intrigued by what they cannot explain for quite some time.  The Space Race, the field of Neuroscience, and the great push for western exploration are just a few examples of this same passion displayed in others.  It is inherent to many individuals that identify as humans, and yet, only some choose to answer the call.  I believe that truly giving into this pursuit, however, requires a great deal of humility.  This "pursuit of the unknown" as I will call it, is not for status.  It is not to give yourself a name or discover something.  It is not to prove a hypothesis, or to win a prize.  It is solely to develop deeper understanding, and consequently, intellectual growth and development.  With this comes intense humility.  

It is with this humility that one can abandon all constructs that would inhibit their ability to truly explore.  Humility allows one to turn down any hidden side-trail simply because it excites them; it also affords them the ability to pursue segways not originally included in a plan.  Although not truly bohemian in identity, these intellectual and physical quests require the individuals that embark on them to be not mere travelers on a pre-planned and travel-worn path, but true explorers...delving deep into unknown territory.  Unlike their hippie counterparts, their education, preparation, and planning set them apart.  They have trained well for their journeys and have not come unprepared for what lies ahead -- and yet they have assembled their arsenal with quiet consideration, unsure as to the identity of what lays in the unseen shadows just beyond view.

In this series I explore several pieces of the unknown that interest me.  Chief among them are Neuroscience and Phenomenology, exploring abandoned places, and backpacking.



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