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Kirsten + Ben : Lancaster, PA Barn Wedding at general potter farm


Kirsten and Ben.... Where to even start with these two. It snowed heavily the night before their wedding and I left double time to make it to their venue winding through the Pennsylvania farm roads through Lancaster County towards General Potter Farm. When I made it to the treehouse retreat where the girls were getting ready amidst the fallen flakes, I was welcomed with open arms by Kirsten and her bride squad.

Getting ready was in full force. Eyelashes and makeup, hair, and flowers, dresses, and shoes were everywhere. The bridesmaid dresses were hung on old block and tackles that adorned the walls with refurbished iron pipes and the fireplaces that seemed to warm every room of their amazing abode.

The boys, on the other hand, were enjoying a much more relaxed morning -- buying some odds and ends out on the town and enjoying a few brews in their PJs and Gym Shorts....then again, who was expecting any different.

As Kirsten slipped into her breathtaking lace gown with its keyhole back, her mother fastened the back and her bridesmaids waited with anticipation to see their best friend looking her most beautiful. She walked down the stairs and they all freaked out, jumping and squealing and crying...that is before huddling up and doing an old field hockey cheer for good luck :)

Everyone made their way to the venue, and huddled inside out of the cold while Kirsten and Ben had their first look beside an old brick farmhouse and spring.

Their wedding ceremony was a twinkly light dream; the basement of the barn was filled with candles and every rustic beam was strung with twinkly lights that made your heart soar. As Kirsten and Ben read their vows amidst family and friends, two best friends became one.

Afterwards, the reception did NOT disappoint. I think these two had the most fun bridal party I have witnessed in a long time. At multiple points I was dragged out into the center of the dance floor as they wall twerked and jigged to the hamster song and EVERYONE got down to the cha cha slide. All in all it was a magical evening and I was so so honored to capture their special day.

From Kirsten:

We met at Penn State. One Friday night in May of 2015, I was taking the trash out and managed to lock myself out of my apartment. Ben just so happened to open his door and let me hang out until I figured out what to do since my roommates had left for the weekend and I had to be at work the next day at 6am. We ended up talking all night... and then spent the rest of the summer hiking and adventuring in all our free time. He left for military training in July of 2015 and we've been together (at a distance) ever since. We love spontaneous road trips (that typically lead to a great food spot or an awesome hiking trail). A bonfire and beers is our typical perfect date night.

I wish them all the best on their ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME. All the prayers and happy vibes.

"She didn't need someone to carry her away into the sunset,

she didn't care for someone to meet her halfway.

What she wanted was someone to join her by her side,

for an adventure she had always craved." - M. Anthony


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