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Kristen + Caleb : Wilmington, NC Wedding at the Bellamy Mansion Museum

Kristen and Caleb got married amongst family and friends at the Bellamy Mansion this past October. From the first time I met Kristen she radiated nothing other than pure joy. Her sweet spirit and heart for God was apparent in everything she did and grace shown in all of our interactions. The began the day by getting ready in a giant house -- the girls were downstairs doing ALL the hair and makeup things and the boys were upstairs....well....playing poker and drinking beer, what a surprise there. Kristen's dress was breathtaking and the grand fireplace did not do it justice as it hung and draped with cascading lace and beading all the way to the floor. The girls listened to some fun tunes as Kristen became the pinterest-perfect bride. Her friendships and love story were apparent in everything that decorated the house that day -- from pictures of their friendship and romance hung on miniature clotheslines to beautiful panoramic pictures, their love story and the depth of the friendships was apparent to anyone that was there.

Once she was ready, and after the bridesmaids had corralled Caleb, she walked down the balcony steps and out onto the wooden deck for their first look. The embraced emotionally with the Wilmington, NC intercoastal as their backdrop, and much to Kristen's surprise, Caleb had some very heartfelt vows to share with the love of his life. They read some vows and letters to one another and turned back to look at their crew cheering on the balcony from afar. It was then off to the ceremony -- and everyone hopped into their vehicles and headed off to the Bellamy Mansion.

If you have never been to the Bellamy it is a site to behold. Think of the most beautiful southern plantation home with giant white columns and four story magnolia trees and there you have it. Their ceremony was on the back lawn at sunset and Kristen's father, a pastor, officiated the ceremony. With nieces in white dresses, tears, and heartfelt prayer, Kristen and Caleb became husband and wife in a ceremony that stressed what marriage should be about -- growing closer together with Christ. It was an honor to witness them say their vows.

After they headed down the aisle as man and wife, however, it was party time -- and let me just say, this crowd did not disappoint. They danced the night away, made toasts in sippy cups, and kissed in tunnels of sparklers.

Kristen and Caleb Routh, congratulations. I am so happy for you both and wish you all the prayers and love in years to come.


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