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Terra + Chase : Couples Session


Photos by Katherine Ilona Photography

Chase and Terra were such a blast to photograph. We started in Southern Pines and moved to some fields outside of Fort Bragg. They were sweethearts who have been together for 9 years, and as Terra said, on their first date they"talked for hours, until it was closing time! I felt like I had known him forever, like he was a long lost friend".

Capturing their moments was just so easy. I told Terra after the session that sessions like theirs are WHY I am a photographer. I literally do not say that to every couple (and I probably shouldn't even be writing it here), but they gave me life. Every silly or romantic prompt I gave them, they put their hearts into acting out for me. They walked like silly people, they twirling in the dwindling sunlight, and every stroke that Chase's hand made along Terra's beautiful face was SO full of love.

It's sessions like that that are the reason why I love LOVE.

I wish them all the happiest prayers and vibes through their journey of life to come.

From Terra, "We have become big homebodies and love spending time with our 2 dogs, Duke (a 60 pound pitweiler mix with who is the biggest love bug) and Millie (a 5 pound teacup yorkshire terrier who is queen of the house). When we venture out for a day date or date night, We love going to the movies - we were so happy to find that there was an Alamo Drafthouse theater in Raleigh. That particular theater chain started in Austin, TX so it felt like having a piece of "home" nearby.

We also enjoy going to concerts and have a very diverse taste in music. We've seen Owl City, Colbie Caillat, Jack Ingram, Old Dominion, Josh Turner, Randy Houser, and Third Eye Blind. Chase loves the Chainsmokers while I (Terra) will always be a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. We both also like music from the 70s and listen to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack a lot.

I think our ultimate dream is to love each other well and live our life together with as few regrets as possible. Chase would love to own his own business- perhaps with his brothers - and I would love to focus on my writing and be a published author. We definitely want to travel as much as we can. Some of our favorite memories include our wedding day, December 22, 2015.

Our wedding ceremony was held outside and it was sunny and 75 - it could not have been a more perfect day. About a year later we also sat in a hot spring in Alaska in sub-zero temperatures (we had ice crystals in our hair and on our eyelashes!) The trip was a birthday gift for Chase and very much an item on our bucket list. Last summer, we drove from Anchorage, Alaska through Canada and across the US to our final destination, Fort Bragg, NC. Although the drive wasn't terribly fun - we did create a lot memories and there was a lot of excitement about being back in the lower 48.

Some of my favorite memories are more simple, like dancing in the driveway together and laying out under the starts, or all of the dates we shared over coffee when we dated long distance or went to go get frozen yogurt because we were broke college students and that was more affordable than going out to dinner."


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