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Tips + Tricks for Newly Engaged Couples

Maybe you got something sparkly under the Christmas tree; maybe your future hubby popped the question before or after Christmas...whatever your story may be, I am sure that you are basking in the bliss of being a fiancé!

After telling your family and all of your girlfriends, check out these tips to make wedding planning a breeze:


tips for the newly engaged from Katherine ilona Photography

STEP 1: Enjoy the next few weeks

Couples so often feel the need to rush onto social media and post their ring and engagement pictures. Don't feel the need to do this. When Michael and I got engaged one of my biggest regrets was not hiding away and enjoying our newly engaged little secret! The moment it went on social media the WORLD was bombarding both of us with the kindest voicemails and well wishes. I was so happy that we told our family, siblings, and best friends right away, but I encourage all of my brides to ENJOY the moments that make up the journey to the wedding. Girls often feel so rushed, so overwhelmed, and so busy...these are the last few months that you will ever not be a MRS. You are saying goodbye to a large part of your life as you two begin to meld your lives together -- cherish this time and find peace and joy amidst the crazy.

STEP 2: Start checking out venues

This is probably the first big thing you guys need to do. I would use google and instagram and maybe even one of the big sites like the KNOT or Weddingwire (although in my experience the top hits for these sites solely pay the most money for ads and are not necessarily the best venues). A lot of the wedding venues that I regularly shoot at are booked 1-1.5 years in advance! Also, as a tip, most wedding things are cheaper on Friday nights and Sundays so for sure check these out.

STEP 3: Book your photographer and videographer

I know what my bookings look like and what I experienced when I was wedding planning, if you wait too long, your dream photographer and videographer will be BOOKED. I only book a certain number of weddings a year and once I am full, I am full. I book weddings a year and a half out ON THE REG, so if you are interested be sure to find your dream photographer and videographer (if you're having one), make that connection, and start chatting packages. I always try to take my brides out for coffee or at least phone call/skype chat all of them to discuss their vision and see if we are a good fit before deciding to photograph their wedding. I would definitely suggest reaching out to videographers and ask to see several full-length films. For a photographer, ask to see a sample wedding album and also chat with them about timeline, whether they have backup equipment, and also if they have an approximate number of delivered images per hour that you pay them to photograph.

STEP 4: Start shopping for wedding dresses!

This is the fun part. I used to be a wedding dress consultant and helped a TON of girls find the dress of their dreams. Something a lot of women do not even realize is that a lot of dress designers have an 8 MONTH ship timeline. That means that even when you find the dress and order it, it does not come in for 8 months. WHATTTTTTT?! This seemed insane to me when I first found out, but when I found out all the dresses are custom made when ordered, it started to make a bit more sense. That being said, this needs to be started SOON because of the long lead time!

STEP 5: Schedule Engagement Photos to send Save the Dates

Make sure you schedule your engagement session soon after you begin the planning process so that you can get your Save the Dates in the mail. One of my favorite websites for save the dates is

Seriously, so many cute ones! If you'd like to check out some of my favorite engagement galleries check them out here!

Let me know if you have any wedding planning questions below! I have done everything from assist with floral design, to repaired torn wedding dresses, to OBVIOUSLY photography, videography, and more!

Much love brides <3



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